Tags in lingQ

Hi, since joining LingQ I have been tagging all my new vocabulary I import. I have two things that I would like to know how to do related to this.

  1. Whenever I add a tag with more than one word it gets separated into two separate tags, so for example I want ‘fleeting vowel’ as my tag (to remind me the noun has a fleeting vowel) but LingQ separates them into two tags - one ‘fleeting’ tag and one ‘vowel’ tag. How do I stop LingQ from separating one tag with multiple words into multiple tags?

  2. How do I search for certain tags? For example, if I wanted to search for all nouns containing a fleeting vowel that were feminine in gender - how do I search under the “noun”, “feminine” and fleeting vowel" tags I will have previously created to identify all my LingQs that have all three of these tags?



to 1) I suggest to use ‘fleeting_vowel’ instead of "fleeting vowel’.
to 2) Unfortunately this is not possible. I would wish to have this functionality too.