Tagging Suggestion Feature

A small improvement we just pushed to the site that many of you power users have been asking for is the Tagging Suggestion Feature. In the past, you had to remember the tags you had used previously but now we show you the tags you have used previously in the tagging window. As well, we show you the more frequently used tags in bold at the top of the list so these are more conveniently accessed. Just click on the tag you want and click Add. Don’t forget to Save these changes on your widget. We hope this improves the tagging function for you. Please let us know how you like it.

Hurrah!!! You all are great. This helps really.
Thanks all.

Yes, it’s really good!
But… where are our word count percentage???
Please Mark, don’t say you’ll hide them for a long time, I feel somewhat lost without them…


I have told Mike. This was not supposed to happen. I hope he can fix it asap. Thanks for being so vigilant.

Mike has quickly restored the word count %. Thanks for being on top of this.

Yes, it’s come back! Thanks. I really use this thing to take decisions of what to do next, that’s why I was so vigilant…

I like this new feature, it simplifies everything… But, I can’t write things in capitals. For example, I used to write PartizipII and now it always turns into partizipii and they didn’t all get like that, only the new ones…

But I guess that’s not a major problem, I just need to change all into partizip2. Anyway I like this new function, it’s really useful. I used to confuse 2./3.Singular with 2./3.Personen (I think it’s correct that way) and now I don’t need to check everything up.

Thanks :wink:

I have another suggestion:

In my opinion, it would be much easier if i could add more words at once to one and the same tag. Then you wouldn’t waste time by always clicking on the ‘+tags’ button and on the ‘save’ button. Sometimes i even forget to tag a word…then i have to open the lingq again, tag it and save it again! (I sometimes forget it because i want to add as much lingqs as possible :wink: ).
So i suggest that it’d be better if we would be able to tag more than one word at the same time.

It could be a part of the ‘more actions’.

It’s just an idea.

Batch tagging in the Vocabulary section as part of “more actions” is already on our to do list. Keep the suggestions coming.