Synchronized Text not Working

When listening to a story from my active playlist in the expanded version the synchronized text function is not working. It immediately scrolls to the bottom of the text forcing me to scroll up to the top of the text. Furthermore, if you click on any part of the page, it restarts the audio and automatically scrolls to the bottom of the reading passage.

Shouldn’t the text that is being read be highlighted at the same time as the audio recording is reading it?

In addition to this issue, the extremely small font that cannot be changed and missing character sounds in the flashcard system makes me feel that the Chinese learning customers are getting the short end of the stick.

I am extremely disappointed so far with the quality of the app and the website.

The “generate timestamps” function is not implemented in Chinese Traditional. This means that when importing text and audio no timestamps are present, resulting in the described scenario. It should still work for content that provides timestamps, like YouTube imports.

short end of the stick

This is accurate.