Switching off while listening repetively

I think I’m seriously suffering from attention deficit disorder. When I listen to ANY audio from this site or anywhere in fact, I can concentrate for an easy 30-60 minutes going over the text while I actively work out meanings and create lingqs. Note, I haven’t started listening yet.

As soon as I listen, I can listen once and then my brain tunes out on the 2nd round. It’s like my brain wanders off somewhere else and the repetitive listening becomes very passive. After 100+ cycles, I somehow forgot I was even listening to anything.

Is this normal? If I actively follow the text, I can do it, but then it gets boring and very predictive. Seems my brain falls asleep when repeating audio.

If all you want to do is listen, I’d recomment that you do it away from the computer, and try to pay attention. Three problems that could be contributing to your attention issue are that the content is too difficult (the mind can’t keep up), the content is too easy (the mind’s bored) or that the content is uninteresting (again, the mind’s bored).

I have had the same problem. I think even the unfocussed listening helps.

In any case, try shadowing… even if you are only comfortable with mouthing the words mentally.

@milanmaras “I can concentrate for an easy 30-60 minutes…”… “As soon as I listen, I can listen once and then my brain tunes out on the 2nd round.”
30-60 minutes? pretty normal, not an ADHD case… on the other hand, I reckon we need to forget things in order to be able to really remember them (SRS for example)