Swedish tones

I was wondering if it might be possible for a Swede or two record some basic content distinguishing the various tone words in Swedish, ie. the acute and grave accented words.

This is the one area of Swedish I feel I’ll never get a real grasp on, since there appears to be no rule as to which word gets which tone and there are apparently about 300 such words, with different meanings but distinguished only by pitch or tone.

How can a non-native ever master this? It might seem obvious to “keep listening”, which I will do, but how can one really learn all these finicky little tone words in Swedish?

Apart form these word pairs (I had NO idea there were 300 of them), for example any two-syllable verb infinitive has a grave accent (regardless of dialect) - sitta, ligga, komma, läsa, skriva, tala… and all verbs that take -er in the present tense have the acute accent (sitter, ligger, kommer, läser, skriver).

Have a look at these threads:

The pitch can change depending on position in a word compound, and more importantly - tend to disappear depending on position in a sentence (nobody gives all words equal stress). Practicing words in isolation can be good for understanding how the pitches work, but after you’ve got that, you should focus on sentence intonation/prosody instead.