Swedish learning and approach! ( Need help and advice!)

Guyz i am having issues with finding material on swedish and the ones that i 've found were boring to a certain extent. I’ve read 2 books and reached 15k words index. My problem is that i am not really engaging with the language and feel like i need to use a different approach. ( swedish is the language that i have studied exclusively on lingq.) . I have an assimil course for swedish and my best friend lives and speaks fluent swedish. Should i go for that active knowledge with assimil and speaking while keeping small activity in lingq or should i continuw learning with lingq till i get burned out?? Thanks in advance!!

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What kind of material are you looking for? What are you interested in? If you are looking for video content I would suggest svtplay.se, which has a large collection of videos and programming in pretty much every category for free. All videos have swedish subtitles as an option. With the way Lingq counts word I’m not sure how advanced your level actually is at 15k words, since we really like to conjugate our words.


I am at my best with video and subs (bloggers are the best because they talk in first person f.e i am that, i study this, i like to do this and that, etc) in swedish but it is pretty difficult to find that kind of stuff. I feel i would be way more efficient by reviewing basic stuff with assimil and begin to talk to my friend and using sentence mining as a guide to learn both vocab,slang and grammar structure!!!

I don’t watch a lot of videos in swedish myself so I don’t know about a lot of vloggers to recommend, unfortunately. However, something I found very useful for studying daily language is to import subtitles from movies or tv shows that I’m familiar with into Lingq and get a lot of exposure to daily language that way. That way you can, though reading, “rewatch” stuff you know you enjoy, but in your target language. As with most languages, spoken swedish is somewhat different from written swedish and since being able to participate in daily conversations is a big motivator I find that it helps a lot to get a lot of dialogue as a large part of my input. If you like swedish music there is (naturally) a lot of it on Spotify, with a lot of playlists dedicated to the most popular swedish songs.

i agree with the fact that spoken swedish is tottaly different language… I will probably go with conversing with my friend and limiting lingq activity (100 known words per day) and see how it goes cause i really need that motivation to keep me going in this case!! Other languages are content rich so even with passive activity it will suffice!!

Hello, here you can find pretty much everything on Youtube:

Just as an example, choosing [Comedy, Entertainment, People & Blogs] I found these channels:

Thanks man i really appreciate it!!!

Where were you able to find Assimil for Swedish? I can only find instruction in French.

I totally recommend reading the Stieg Larsson books in Swedisih - I wish they were available on here with audio, but all i have managed to do is upload them to lingq where i read them, as i listen to the audio on AdLibris which is a great Swedish portal for ebooks and audio books.