Swedish: has the "8sidor lättlästa nyheter" course been updated?

Does anyone know if this course has been updated since 20th December? Unfortunately, since the changes to the site, this course of over 600 lessons has become so difficult to navigate that I’m not sure if it’s discontinued, or I just can’t find the latest episode.

If it has gone, it was a great resource, so hope it comes back :slight_smile:

I’ve read here the updates will go into a new course because the old one is hudge. Please try to find the newer course or try to find a message about it in the forum to see the direct link.

Hello Steve,

Yes, I created a new course, because the old one contained too many items.

So the new one for 2014 starts here:

Enjoy it!



Ah that’s great news :slight_smile: Thanks Silvia.