Swedish content

Hello fellow lingqers!

Does anyone happen to know where I could find more Swedish content to import to lingq for my own use?

there are some wonderful audiobooks produced in Sweden. If you can buy a matching e-book, then you could import the e-book into LingQ. see if you can find an online Electronic bookstore. That’s what I have done in other languages with some success.

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Try dito.se for ebooks. I have found they have a good collection. I think they also carry a couple of audiobooks. Searching for those on iTunes might help, also audible.com, if you can reach either from Finland.
You could also try http://www.mobook.se/ and Myndigheten för tillgängliga medier - talböcker, punktskrift och lättläst for easy-reading ebooks; the last was recommended by our teacher.
Then there is the Swedish Language Blog (RSS: Swedish Language Blog) and you might also want to try http://swedishmadeeasy.com/swedish-blog/
Searching for Swedish Language Blog on Google will show you more than just blogs and a good website for resources is Lingu@net WorldWide.
Have fun!

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Ok i will look into it thank you a lot!

Very helpful thank you a lot!

Can I ask you one more thing Mr. Steve? Did you ever do more than 2 sessions with mr. Richard for the swedish lingq? If so are they accessible in any way?