[suspected bug] others change my definition

I reported this problem during the beta and mark said it should not happen. I did not hear anything back since then. The issue however, still exists.

When I use the definition of someone else, and change it to my preference, then sometimes I get a definition (later on in time) that has been changed by someone else in a way that I know I did not write.

My suspicion is that this happens when I use someone else’s definition, or someone else uses my definition and alters it.

I am very particular about how I write my definition, so a completely alternate format will stand out to me. I am learning Finnish.

The problem for me is, that I cannot prove with before and after shots, unless I screen print everything I do, which I don’t and don’t want to.

I would like to know if others recognize this problem: anyone?

Could you please have a look, whether you can reproduce and fix this problem?


Strange, I haven’t noticed that so far. I’ll give it a test and try to reproduce the problem. Thanks for letting us know.