Summer all year round in Russia

Someone just told me that Russia has decided to stay on Daylight Saving (ie. Summer) time all year round. Is this confirmed? Will it be the same across all the time zones of the Russian Federation?

In the UK we will be putting our clocks back one hour this Sunday. All my regular conversations will be one hour later if you are in Japan or Russia and do not change your clocks.

Please let me know if you have trouble finding a conversation time to suit you because of this.

yes, it is across all the time zones (by the way now we have less time zones, as they combined several Far East time zones).

P.S. now we have not only summer all year around. Since 192x there is decree time (+1h to zone time), at summer we had +2h and at winter +1h. So, now it is double-summer all year round in Russia :)))

I am confused, again! We in the UK put our clocks back an hour: the old 1400 UK was 2200 Japan. What happens now: will my 1300 UK now be 2200 Japan, seeing that they do not change clocks?!