Summary of some unsolved problems

I am now a (paying) LingQ member for about 6 weeks. Firstly, I would like to emphasize that I am very happy with the learning methodology and the LingQ system in general. Another great thing here are both the helpful support team and the great community. I am also very happy with my learning progress.

There still some small but a bit annoying malfunctions within the system that should be fixed in the near future. I have addressed them in earlier posts, and I would like to summerize them here:

  1. iLingQ
    see my post “Some iLingQ App problems” here:
    Commas directly after LingQ-ed words are changed to “?”.

  2. Vocab page
    see my post “Some ideas to improve the LingQ vocabulary section” here:
    Especially no. 2: There is no way to find easily LingQs with an empty hint (or maybe it should not be allowed to create a LingQ with an empty hint?)
    Plus no. 5: Some LingQs start with an uppercase letter without any reason, and I am unable to correct/change this: Car, Chercher, Depuis, Chez.
    Some LingQs are even fully capitalized and I am unable to change this: ENTRETIEN, LABOUREUR.

  3. External dictionary window on Google Chrome
    See within thread “Create LingQs Quickly, Videos, Translations, Text-to-Speech”:
    I the moment I must use – only for LingQ – the Firefox browser. Why isn’t it possible to fix this bug that I am able to use LingQ in Google Chrome? That would be really nice!!

  4. I have often problems to find interesting content and/or collections in the library. The LingQ library is one of the weak points of LingQ because one has really problems to find something. Very often I see something on the Friends page “XYZ uses lesson ABC” that I haven’t come across in the library before.

  5. Other points that I have addressed before are either solved (Thank you!) or not so important, like

Thank you in advance for fixing/improving LingQ.
Last, but least, thanks a lot for this great learning system!

Hi hape, to your point 3)- perhaps just Pop-Up blocker is on? Check it.

My problem is that Text-to-Speech doesn’t work in IE and Chrome. Visual, it seems to work- when I click I see the arrow goes down- but there is no sound. I can hear sound if I go on GoogleTranslator directly - but not from the LingQ site.

Re: (3)
It’s not a problem with the popup blocker (I defined an exception). As explained in the problem is that the already open dictionary window centers and resizes every time the dictionary is called from LingQ. That’s quite annoying and does not happen in Firefox.

@hape - Their is a new iLingQ update which addresses a lot of your issues. As well, many of the issues on the Vocabulary page have been addressed. Some of the outstanding issues are in our list but we will only be able to get to them when we have a chance. Some are trickier to deal with than others. Please be patient.

@junair - We will look into the text to speech issue.

Thank you, Mark (and the whole team), for all your efforts!
And I will be patient… :wink:

And thank you for taking the interest in LingQ and patiently pointing out issues. We love it. Members who care enough to tell us what we need to do to improve are valuable members indeed.

@junair - I just tried the text to speech in Chrome and IE and it worked fine. I did have to accept the installation of some kind of windows media component. Please look for the download message across the top of the flashcard window.