A bunch of suggestions. Some I think would be fairly easy to implement, some not so much.

  1. Audio divisions: Lessons have the green bar at the top to show & select the page or sentence. However, the audio progress bar has no divisions. It’d be nice to have them. (Or, even better, select a point in the text below to resume audio.)

  2. Vocabulary: Option to remove or link duplicates. The same word is treated as many completely unrelated words because of grammar.

  3. Vocabulary: Remove duplicate definitions & general cleanup. Some words have many nearly identical definitions (and errors). Maybe have an icon directly beside to flag, “I think there’s a problem here.”

  4. Vocabulary: Immersion. Option to provide definitions IN the language being studied (which would also be a source of new vocabulary). I use google translate this way regularly: lookup a word, read the definition, look up a word in the definition…etc.

  5. Vocabulary Review: Audio: The words usually (always) have the audio, which is great, but often the phrase provided for context has no audio option.

  6. Vocabulary Review: Report: At the end of a review it’d be nice to see a summary of mistakes (either just a simple list of right/wrong…or collated to show success/failures with each word covered).

  7. Error Reporting: Errors can be anywhere. Users would probably report them more often if it were a simple icon to indicate, “I think there’s a problem here.” (Maybe open a window for an optional comment.)

  8. Forums: Status for suggestions/feedback: Problem solved, being developed, idea rejected, trying to figure out what the suggestion IS, community survey (added by moderator to fine tune a suggestion), etc.

  9. Playlist: It’s not clear from which lesson they are. (e.g. “Part 10”? Part 10 of what?)

  10. Playlist: The “edit” option is awkward. Instead of switching from “Edit” to “Done”, it could be integrated better so that deleting, listening, and re-ordering could be done directly.

  11. Playlist: With text and auto-paging. If/when I hear something I can’t understand, I’d like to be able to read it (without leaving playlist and going to the actual lesson).

  12. Vocabulary Playlist “Audio Flashcard”: I’d like to choose a bunch of words, and have them auto played, followed by the definition.

  13. Import Audio: A brilliant feature (the primary reason I signed up to LingQ), but they rarely (never?) have complete audio. Sentence by sentence, yes (though that often crashes my audio entirely) but not the whole document.

  14. Import Errors: Words which are not words (typos) and grammatical errors. Doesn’t appear to be any clear way to handle them.

  15. Proper Names: “Justin Trudeau” and the like shouldn’t have a translation (let alone 2). Should be able to click “Proper Name” to have it identified as such. (Granted, some names DO need translations.)

And…probably more stuff, which I’ve forgotten or haven’t imagined yet, and I’ll be kicking myself 20 minutes from now for not including it.

Well, this was fun. I certainly don’t expect it’ll all be implemented tomorrow, but perhaps you’ll consider a few things.



Okay, not even 20 minutes…

  1. Improve the editor for feedback on writing.
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I hope they respond. the second I want to not change. I believe keeping the known words low on purpose is weird. the plural in dutch kan be in one of like 4 ways. its something you have to see… so the plurar of a word is another word


I really would like them to implement 1.25 x audio speed.

It is probably an easy fix. :wink:


I can’t support 1) and 2) enough, as well as 14) and 15)

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