Suggestions on how to share a play

I am going to share the famous play “La locandiera” (1750) by Venetian play-writer Carlo Goldoni in the Italian library.
I am still wondering how to cut the Librivox files. I could:

  1. make one lesson per scene (but then, the lessons would be too short for the Intermediate 2 level)
  2. regroup a few scenes in one lessons to reach an average length of 10 minutes (or more?).
    What would be best? Your suggestions are welcome.

Does anybody care? :wink:

Well, I’m not studying Italian, but it had crossed my mind to comment…When I am studying intermediate content, I prefer longer lessons that my brain can “get into” for a while.

ich bin für die erste Variante.= kurze Lektionen

Sorry I have not see your post!
ich denke schlussendlich sind beide Varianten okay!
Wer wirklich Interesse hat, wird die Lektionen so oder so lesen.
j :wink:

Hi Michele, up to you, I don’t mind either way

I agree that both work just fine. I am not doing Italian now, but may want to study this play in the future. Whatever works best for you Michele. Thanks for all your efforts.

Hello Michele! I endorse Jingle’s opinion, thus I prefer the longer alternative to practise my listening comprehension (I still have problems to follow longer textes). But both options are all right!

By the way, is it possible to record a faster version, too? That would be very nice, because in real life, the Italians (and of course some other native speakers in other countries, too) speak frequently very fast.

P.S.: Now that I have improved my Spanish a lot, I’ll certainly soon resume my Italian studies.

I will just upload the version I have downloaded from Librivox… It is quite good, in my opinion.
I think it may be better to upload each scene as one lesson, because some uncommon words and phrases are used here and there. I have already shared and will share other longer lessons read at a natural speed (I never speak so fast as other people do, though).
Fans of longer lessons can read “Un italiano a Sofia”, my new collection “Le mie esperienze con CouchSurfing” or some audiobooks like “Cuore”, “Il giornalino di Gian Burrasca” and “Il fu Mattia Pascal”.


Non sapevo niente te la tua nuova collezione!!!
Sono entusiasta per sapere di più .

Ecco il link per tutti gli interessati:

Grazie per la pubblicità, Jolanda! Sono contento che la nuova raccolta ti piaccia. Ho appena scritto un nuovo episodio:

After sharing the whole play “La locandiera” by Carlo Goldoni, here is a new episode from my collection about my experiences with CouchSurfing:

Short link:

One thing I might add to this: is the intermediate level truly determined by length? I’ve come across some extremely difficult but short texts in some languages. Also, I’ve read long texts which are fairly simple to me.

It’s about difficulty, people!

You are right, but when someone is at intermediate level ususally prefers longer texts, and if you are at an early stage long lessons can be quite intimidating. We have discussed about this before.

Once we are past the beginner stage, length is more important than difficulty. Interest will usually overcome difficulty, But length is intimidating and tiring. At least that is my experience.