Suggestions needed on how to enlarge the Italian library

I already wrote this message in the Content Forum, but one of my LingQ friends suggested I post it here too:

My name is Michele and I’m an Italian language learner, tutor and content provider (short introduction for newbies)! :slight_smile:
I am constantly adding new lessons to the Italian library. I create some of them myself and import some other (audiobooks and podcasts).
On January 1, 2012, I started a new collection called “Diario di Michele” (Michele’s Diary). I am adding one new lesson every couple of day. However, I have left a few collections unachieved (two about my experience in Bulgaria - “Un italiano a Sofia” for beginners and normal version; one about my CouchSurfing experiences; a collection of easy lessons with grammar patterns) and have more ideas about new collections.
I’d like to know what kind of lessons would be most useful / appreciated / demanded.
I wish I had more time to write lessons, or better I wish I could manage my time better. I also have to study my own languages…
Feel free to suggest new ideas and to express your preferences concerning my current collections.
Thanks for the feedback,

I would give my humble opinion.

I think it could have interactive dialogues between people talking about everyday life, sports, events, news, relationships, experiences. as a podcast.

some things that make sense, does not like taking a bus or where to find a train, it is clear that this is important but students prefer subjects that make more sense.

That’s it.

Lucas, that already exists (Conversazionii tra Sabina e Michele).

More ideas?