Suggestions for new forums

Two suggestions while I think about it:

  1. A “getting started” forum for newbies. Where they can post the really newbie questions, like “how do I buy points?” I think we would soon find that all the standard questions got covered and people wouldn’t have to keep asking them.

  2. An “All other languages open forum” where people can post in all languages not covered by the existing open forums. So if you are, say, a native Bantu speaker and you are not that confident in English, you can post a quick “does anyone understand me?” post and find any speakers of Bantu who are LingQ-active.

I suggest that these forums would make it easier for new members to get going and gain confidence in Lingq.

Sounds like a good idea to me!

The problem is that we already feel our list of forums is too long. Really, we hope to answer all these types of newbie questions in our Help section which is essentially just made up of FAQ’s. Perhaps we need to direct people to the FAQ’s better.

Regarding the other languages forum, we have never had this request before and many of the other existing open forums are rarely used therefore I’m not sure if this would be that useful. I am open but the more forums we have, the less concentrated the conversation gets.

I was just thinking about this forum post:

I think the guy in this post is not able to purchase the services of a tutor because, by and large, the purchasing power of an average Vietnamese is not equal to Lingq’s pricing, even though for the developed world Lingq is a great deal. Sad, but a reality of life.