Suggestions for English Content

I would like to upload more content in English, but would like to ensure that it is valuable to current LingQ members. What do you feel is lacking? What material would you like to see more of?

Also, how many of you are learning the British vs American vs Australian vs _________ way of speaking?

I want to learn American English because my relatives live there :slight_smile:

I think the weight non native speakers of English put on the differences between North Am and say British English is really over done. I think it may be because most other languages have something similar as far as regional dialects go but from what I can tell Swiss German is far different from Standard German compared to Brit and Am English. Latin Am Spanish and Brazilian Portugese are different than their European counterparts, a lot different as least compared to the English differences. Dutch and Afikaans ect

With English really it’s a matter of accents and a handful of vocabulary words, the specific differences are really their for us to have fun making fun of each other about, they don’t really really matter.

i agree with Blindside on that. Maybe it is because English is so widespread, but as long as it is the ‘standard’ type of English they will be 99% similar except for the pronunciation. I suspect it is somewhat similar to French from France and from Quebec. I can tell the difference, but it is not difficult to understand the standard variety of either French.

I agree with you. If the dialect matters at all, those who feel that they speak a non-standard accent (whatever the definition of that might be…) can state it in the description of the uploaded content or in the provider info. Hopefully those fields are/will get searchable.

However, I don’t care a bit. Exposing oneself to various accents is only a good thing.

Personally I have to say that I prefer American/Canadian English, since it’s what I’m used to. But by all means, just like jeff_lindqvist noted, exposing yourself to various accents can only be good. It teaches you alot of variations, so it basically reinforces your ability to understand even dialects that you’re not familiar with.

I hope you could upload more news items (VOA or whatever) as the resources in the section seem to be focused on very specific areas. It is always useful for me to learn what’s going on around the world while saving LingQ to build up my vocabulary. As for the different dialects, I agree what others are saying…

Hi Siriusgirl, you can upload each content you like in the import section, if you don’t share it. I think this is one of the best features of LingQ!

Hi VeraI,

Wow…I didn’t know that at all. will definitely try it. By the way, so sorry for my late reply. I simply couldn’t find the thread as it just got buried in the mass of other threads, which actually happens all the time… anyway, thank you so much for your suggestion.

No Problem, Siriusgirl. By the way you can watch a thread by clicking on “Watch thread” in the left site above.

P.S. If you watch a thread you receive an email if something is written in the thread. Also it is possible to watch a special forum. For example I’m watching the German forums.


Wow again… I knew there was the “Watch thread” but just didn’t know how it works. I gave up using it when I clicked on it, waited for a while, and found nothing had happened. You can call me a LingQ-illiterate:) Thank you again for your useful information!

I really would be able to listen and learn with recordings about Ecology, environment, organic food, stuffs like this.

I like to study with American Accent, because that is what I used to. However, I can understand other accents, so it doesn’t really matter. I like to study on lessons about personal life. “Val’s ramblings” is great. Not because she is my friend, but because her lessons are very natural and interesting. I also like Mark and Jill’s EnglishLingQ podcasts. So, everyday life in different countries! That’s what I want to know.

My favorite is Everyday life by Chris Sarda… he’s so insightful and witty it’s amazing. Good job Chris!!!

Yea, you are right. I love to listen to ‘Everyday life by Chris Sarda’. He’s great! =D