Suggestions about dictionaries

Hello. I am learning English language here in lingQ. I am fluent in Russian.

When I see new word in the book I use to check its meaning in longman dictionary and in bilingual dictionary at the same time. By doing that I leanr the meaning of a new word completely.
However, there is no option in the lingQ system to see the meaning of the new word in English dictionary and Rusian.
So it would be great if you could upgrade the lingq and put features that allows to do that.

If I choose Russian language for my lingQ dictionary there is 3 ways of translation for the word on pop up window, but if I choose English language for my dictionary the system shows explanation in English, Chinese and some other unfamiliar language.
What can I do to this?

One more thing about English dictionary. It is really bad, because it gives only synonyms, not explanation of the new word. The best dictionary I have ever use is Longman dictionary for contemporary english.

@iceboyz - The three hints that you see are User Hints, which are hints that other users have entered. If you click on the very bottom line that says “…” then you can access other external dictionaries. If you set your dictionary language to English then Longman’s English-English dictionary will also appear. You can change your dictionary language at any time from within the LingQ widget by clicking on “Settings” that appears right next to “Dictionary”, so you could potentially also look up every word in a Russian dictionary as well as an English one.