[Suggestion/Feedback] Keyboard navigation for "Lingqing"

I don’t know whether this has been suggested or not. While I enjoy the site very much, and use it daily for my linguistic needs, I feel slowed down by the fact I need to use the mouse so much (I have tried using an iPad, but I’m slowed down when I need to type custom definitions).

Now, here’s my suggestions.

On the small LingQ window (that you get by clicking on a word), when you press the “…” button it will take you to different window where you can input a custom definition. The problem is, the field isn’t selected by default, making it necessary to have to click on it.
Solution? - Make it the default field, so we can start typing right away.

I think the lessons could use some keyboard shortcuts. For example, when you click on a word, press ‘1’ to choose the first suggestion, and so forth. (Maybe also for user hints, etc).

My last suggestion is perhaps too radical for most users, but I though I’d share it as well. Make it so that by pressing a couple of keys on the keyboard we can back and forth word to word in a text, and then have another key open up the Lingqing window.

I look forward to the day when I don’t need to use the mouse to LingQ anymore!

Thanks for reading! :wink:

Interesting suggestion. I can see how this would make it easier to create more LingQs. Perhaps you could add this to getsatisfaction.com/lingq and see how popular it is among others. :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex!

I had no idea such a site existed! I shall add my idea there as per suggested :slight_smile: