I have a suggestion for LingQ
I think that it all work well, except that if seem not work well in firefox
Cuz I’ve installed both brower and prefer to use firefox
your LingQ dictionary which I think is the cooliest function of LingQ but it isn’t work that well when using firefox browser. The dictionary could only check and save one time
so that I must use IE another problem is that I find that checking words and save it makes me lose in the content while I have to catch up with the sound
so I think is it possible that you can change it in that way: just clicking twice than i’ll save directly?
Cuz I have also install the google tool bar
which has a translation tool which is very useful to me.

Hi hola,

There have been some recent problems with the WorkDesk page and the LingQ widget caused by updates to the Firefox browser. We hope to have these problems fixed sometime next week.

We are also working on some more major updates to the WorkDesk page which should streamline the functionality. Please stay tuned.