Suggestion: Tip of the day


It’s just a suggestion, but I think it could be a good idea (especially for newbies) to have a “Tip of the Day”, or something like that every time you enter to Lingq.

So everytime you use Lingq , you would get a new tip about how to use forums, how to create lingqs, how to import, meetings with a tutor, reviewing old lingqs, advices about learning languages, “did you know…?”, …
These tips should be short in order to make easier their reading.

I think it could be good for newbies, because this way they wouldn’t get bogged down with too much information, and they would get used to Lingq in a more relaxed way.

What do you think?

That’s a good suggestion Oscar. The trickier issue is how to implement this on the site without adding clutter. We are going to be creating a series of emails that will go out with daily tips and suggestions for the first few weeks. We’ll see how that goes first.

I see what you mean, Mark
Maybe, the main web page should show only the title (for example “Creating lingqs”, “How to use forums”, …) in somewhere the screen, and then if you click on that, it would appear a popup with the text.
It could be a non-intrusive way…