[suggestion] task tracking controller


Task tracking controller is pretty cool. It’s a tool to show my progress each week in order to stay active every day. Unfortunately, almost every time, I forget to track my reading or listening progress. Generally, I read an article from the top to bottom of the article. At the end of page there are the link “Open next lesson in collection, Open collection, Choose new lesson in Library”. (They are fast and very useful links) I immediately click on it to move on. Consequently, I usually forget to update my reading and listening status. Sometime, I don’t forget it, but I have to look back to the top of the (sometime) very long page to update the status, and scroll down to the bottom again to move on.

I think that if the panel is place at the bottom of a article page, it will solve all problem above, and increase user experience substantially. Because people, instinctively, do something in order from top to bottom, moving the panel or having a small bottom “Go to the top” or something is a good idea. It seem small, but, I think, it’s a vast impact.

Hi redeian,

Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll keep them in mind as we continue to improve the site :slight_smile: