Suggestion: some way to fix misspelled words?

I’ve been a subscriber of Steve’s YouTube channel for a while now, and recently decided to try out the LingQ website because it sounded like an interesting method. So far, I’m loving it. I’ve only been on a few days and I’ve amassed over 10,000 known words of French and learned quite a few new ones as well. My French is at an advanced level but I still see lots of room for improvement and this is exactly the sort of thing I need to point out and fill in those gaps.

However, I’ve come across a number of misspelled words. French is a notoriously difficult language to spell, one which even native speakers struggle with, so I can’t fault the library for containing mistakes (we’re all here to make mistakes, after all). I think it would be a good idea if there were some way to flag a word as misspelled and propose a correction, so future learners will see the right spelling. Is there something like this that I’ve missed?

Now, back to reading and listening…

I post in the lesson forum about it when I find a typo. You can do this by selecting ‘ask a tutor’ which you can find in the thing on the right (the Dock?) when you are looking the word up in a dictionary.

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Levi, just ask Alex for the “edit pencil”. After getting this special right, you’ll see a “pencil” icon, and after clicking on it you are able to correct the text.

Levi- If you are interested in editing those French lessons and fixing spelling yourself, just let us know and we will enable you as an editor.