Suggestion: Review Customization

I’m trying to figure out how to reread/review with context, yet still notice the previously-read words and grammar enough to solidify them in my mind. It seems to me that simply rereading doesn’t do this very well, since I skim over words, and flashcard review is very time-consuming and you don’t get the full context.
It would be cool if there were a way to read through a text, or even sentences, with yellow words blanked out, and then be able to see hints for those words (maybe by hovering over the blanks) and then do something to reveal each word. Or even without hints, just blanks and clicking to reveal, though it isn’t always possible to guess what is being said. You’d still be rereading and getting the context, but you’d have to think about the words more.
Or even a type of cloze flashcard that gives you a blank and your hint and you provide the translation. (Though this can already be approximated by having the source sentence display along with the hint in a hint-> target language word flashcard.)
I don’t know! It would be nice in the future to have more control over review, like you do in Anki - or be able to more easily and automatically transfer new LingQs to Anki in various formats without organizing them in a table and all, which I haven’t the computer skills to do. (There’s that one program that does it automatically, but it transfers ALL your LingQs and I only want the ones I’ve tagged as ‘1ut’ which is how I tag LingQs I can see myself using often.)

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