Suggestion: Post list of desired content

I think it’s so great that LingQ encourages people to create content. I’m interested in contributing, but what I really like to see before I do is a list (made by actual users) of what people want. That way, I’ll be developing content that I know is useful, rather than just taking a stab at what might be useful.

I like this idea!

Where would we put this so people speaking dfferent languages would see it?

In a way I think it is easier to see what is in our libraries and create what we think would be of interest. Personally I find a wide vareity of content of interest. I am in Spain right now and so have turned to content created by Berta, Alsuvi and Oscar. I find it varied , enjoyable and interesting. I would never have been able to suggest or request such a p
range of content.

True, language learners wouldn’t be able to anticipate everything that might interest them, but I can’t see it hurting anything to have a place where learners could suggest something they might want. For example, I work in new media and would love to have content developed that explores the vocabulary that I might use. It’s a little more specified, but would still be of interest to intermediate and above learners. I’ve studied a bit about how to encourage contributions on social websites, and one principle of successful collaborative work is having an easily visible place of “work” that needs to be done. I thought it made sense in this scenario as well to help match contributors efforts to learners needs.

As far as where to put it… I’m sure you all know the site better than I do. :slight_smile: But, off the top of my head, it could be put as a side bar on the Import page.

Emme is right. An easily visible place offering ideas for types of contributions could only help. Browsers of the wanted list might be inspired to add content by answering the requests. And the wanted list would not serve to dampen the enthusiasm of those already contributing. A wanted list would be a good thing for LingQ without affecting things negatively.

It would be nice if the wanted list could be a wiki page so that anyone could add to it.

How about starting a thread called " content I would like to see" or something to see what we get. Then we can think of where to put it. The content forum would be a logical place for it.

Great idea. If Emme starts the thread I will post some ideas.

Cool. I’ll start one. :slight_smile: