Suggestion: Please add a new google translate engine [English -> Polish]


At first, I still learning English, sorry for my grammar errors.
When I try add a new word by “+Hint” I must go to dictionary (google) and type polish description/translate the word to save hint.

I know that haven’t a Polish language… but please add a one more dictionary for everybody from English to any language in Dictionary==>Settings!.

This will be provide very very easy way to learn other language without additional work on or other engine.

Thanks and I wait for this little feature in
Marcin Przysowa

PS. Please let me know if a suggestion should be put on another place on Forum.

I reckon that the best english-polish dictionary is ,so adding this one instead of the google one would be good idea (my small suggestion) :slight_smile:

Hello Adrian_K,
Thanks for angool URL, it’s greate engine, I don’t know it :D.

I thinking more about something with API :slight_smile: (owner: :: domain is better for us but I thinking about others languages/countries too…

In sure decision/fact is missing Dictionary: English - Any Language. It’s very important for person who don’t know a included languages.

We will look into this. Thanks for the suggestion and we will get back to you.