Suggestion: Plase add a greate module as "dictation" to! and some little suggestion inside


Please add a dictation to primary basic lessons, it’s perfect to check own skills in correct writing!

Please add a audio player with come back to signed part of lesson, to previous line/paragraph. This segment auto-mp3 can be stored on, use API…

Please add a little “play” button on every 2-3 paragraph of page who can play a sound from this part lesson… we don’t must back 10sec and search a correct place in audio.

It’s all suggestion for me :slight_smile:

Best Regards
Marcin Przysowa

… please add a option in setting who can treat answers on forum as a lesson without audio.
On forum we can still learning new words from other users/friend :slight_smile:

If a not-know words are still selected on blue then we can learn more. It’s a fast and powerfully idea :smiley:

You can import any text from the Forum, and if you get the bookmarklet, this can be done very quickly.

If you want to do dictation you can just download the listen, listen to it and do the dictation and then compare yourself to the text.

Refining, and adding functions to our audio player is something we will get to sometime in the future.

Thanks for the suggestions.