Suggestion: LingQ exclusive

I have a suggestion and I’m interested in your opinions. This idea came to me when I spoke with Steve last Saturday.

We have a lot of interesting content on LingQ produced by our own members. I would call it “hidden treasures”. There are a lot of these “hidden treasures” but people have difficulties to find them because there is so much content from external sources (like VOA and Librivox). The variety of content and the creativity of our members to produce other kind of content makes LingQ outstanding.

My idea is to add a new selection feature called “LingQ exclusive”. Content that is only available on LingQ should get this title.

What do you think?

Sounds good!
Some of our personal writing is also published on our blogs and sometimes on Youtube - would we still be able to call it a LingQ exclusive?

(I suppose so because of the whole LingQ package attached to our submissions.)

Yes Sanne, I would consider content that is only on the blog and channels of LingQ members also “exclusive”.

Sorry, that was me from my daughter’s account.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Would having this new cateogory, change how the search function works?

These are good ideas but I think they will have to wait until we reorganize our library in some way.

I would love to have this on the library. When I look for new content on the English library now, I cannot find the interesting things.

It seems there are only audiobooks and VOA, Content that I can easily find and add to the library if I’m interested. Where are all the jewels? I think there is a strong need for such a feature because some members are so busy and add numbers of audiobooks and VOA.

I remember when I came to LingQ some years ago, I was faszinated by the new content on the library that I could not found on other places. I think this was one of the strongest features for me of LingQ and it made me staying! And now the shelves are no longer interesting.

I think that’s a great idea Vera!
Maybe whyle the library is being reorganized, it could be just a new category in the library called “LingQ exclusive” and then also an option in every lesson edit page so that creator could chose the “LingQ exclusive” category, a part from all other present categories, like Category, Type, Accent and Level.

It’s just an idea, but I also think it is very interesting and convenient to differenciate all the content created exclusively by LingQ members, and the free content that you can find anywhere, created and recorded by other people (which is also interesting to have).