Suggestion: Introducing new members

I met Steve in Eichstätt and we discussed how to help new members. I told him that the new members often appreciate the help that I offer for German learners. I created a document on Google with helpful information for beginners. Reinhard and Marianne helped me with the French and Portuguese version.
There is are document that explains how to learn German available in

  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Unfortunately I’ve no translation in other languages.

I know that Marianne did the same for French. She created a document how to learn French in different languages.

If there are new German learners I sent them a link to the document. Reinhard and Marianne do the same as far as I know. Marianne, Reinhard and I have the link on our profiles too.

It would be much better to have something like this called “First aid for beginners” (or something like this) on the system (as a menu point). Student should then be able to see all available combinations of the document.

Maybe there should be 2 or 3 members for each language who are responsible for the information.

What do you think?

This sounds good, too. “First aid for beginners”: a team of 2-3 members per language would seem ideal.

The German and French community is very lucky to have such enthusiastic tutors.

People might be scared off by the question of commitment: how much time would people have to spend to set up something like that for their respective languages? How much time is spent on maintenance?

Just want to say that I was the recipient of Veral’s help when I first joined and I was very appreciative. I agree a link to the information she gave me would be helpful for beginners. Also, as I said before, the information in Steve’s Blog book was very helpful and insightful for how LingQ works, so maybe having foreign translations of this available on those “First Aid” links would be nice too.

oh no…I’m thinking of learning german now…what have you done, I can’t possibly make more time for this noooo :slight_smile:

I could be one of the 2-3 Italian tutors offering help to beginners, but I don’t know how to write a document on Italian learning for beginners.

I think it is largely a matter of explaining how to learn using LingQ and then suggesting some appropriate lessons for each level, Michele.

Yes, Steve, I had understood that was the matter, but I have no idea of how to start writing it, and I don’t know what lessons are appropriate for each level.