Suggestion for transcription Exchange requests

I have posted a transcription request and a potential corrector asked me to mail him the audio file so that he could play it at a slower speed.
I thought the uploaded file could be downloaded to the corrector´s computer (e.g. via right-click) but this doesn’t seem to be possible. Am I wrong? If it’s not possible, could this be added to your list of future updates?
Thank you,

Hi Michele
That option already exists.
If you click on Fulfill Request you have an option to download the audio file.
If you don’t want to click on Fulfill Request you can download the file if you have a firefox add on installed called Download Helper.


Obrigado, Fernanda.

Download Helper only exists for Firefox. I have found this other add-on for Chrome: Chrome Web Store.

Have you tried it? Does it also download audio files?

Yes, Fernanda, it does.

@mikebond - As mfr mentioned above, you can download the file if you click on “Fulfil Request”. In any case, we’ll keep this feedback in mind as we continue making improvements!