Suggestion for "speaking" page

Hi. I’d like to mention two things I’ve noticed regarding the speaking page.

  1. I received an invitation for a group discussion. I clicked the link but it did not lead me to the exact session. I saw the long list of tutors on the date and I needed to go to the next page to find the very discussion I was invited for.
    ( The link used to work fine… I don’t know when it changed this way.)

  2. I think it is better if full-booked discussions are also displayed. Although you cannot sign up for the full-booked discussions, you may find it interesting and can sign up for it, next time you find it available.

What do you think?

I agree with Akiko. I always send invitations to some of my friends. They seemed to be puzzled when they couldn’t find the discussion on the speaking page.

I want to know what kind of group discussions are popular. It will help me to book a group discussion earlier before the discussion is occupied.

If these full-membered discussions are displayed, it will give us a good impression that LingQ conversations are lively.

Hi AngieAkiko and yukoxoxo, we will take a look at both of those issues and get them fixed. Thanks for letting us know.