Suggestion for new features

It would be convenient to be able to add any language at ‘Language I’m learning’ (the scroll menu with languages), not only the most common ones. Even if there wouldn’t be any podcasts or any libraries for these uncommon languages, one could use the vocabulary-section to organize the words and drill them with flashcards, and add own phrases.

You’re right hermesalpha, it would be convenient. We will eventually offer some way of doing this.

In the meantime you can use one of the other languages. I have used Swedish for Dutch, and Chinese for Korean. By the way, and Swedish content you can provide us would be appreciated. You will even earn points for them as people use them.

Ok, I’ll see what I can find. Just wonder about two things regarding this:

  1. Is there a way to add Swedish contents directly to the library without having to add it to my account first? Or do I have to add it to my account first, and then share it?

  2. I’m not sure about the copyright regulations. If I find some material (on the internet or in printed form), and the word ‘copyright’ isn’t mentioned, am I free to use it then? The material would be from Sweden so I guess the Swedish laws or EU-laws would apply.

  1. At present, you first have to add the content to your own account. We realize that this is not convenient and we will improve this in the future. In the meantime you will have to archive items that you do not need, once they are shared with our system.

Even a few items of Swedish would be great. If many of our members all contribute a little, our library will grow. We will be attributing points to members who give us content, based on usage. We cannot promise how many points this will be.

  1. We need three kinds of content, copyright is an issue for third party content.

We need;

a) Pleasant natural conversations that you might record with a friend or family member, around 10 minutes long or so. There copyright is not an issue.

b) Beginner and easy content,

c) other natural “authentic” intermediate and advanced content, news, history, radio, literature, interviews etc.

For b) and c) copyright is always an issue. We need to get permission. Either you contact them or let us know the site and we can contact them.

This is also an opportunity to ask them to mention us or link to us. In some cases they may have text only, in which case they may be interested in getting a recording from us. Conversely they may be a podcast and would like to get a transcript from us. In either case they may acknowledge us with a link in return for getting this favour. We have had success in approaching such websites on this basis…

It may also be that some arm of the Swedish government is putting out good material for immigrants etc. and may be happy to cooperate with us.