Suggestion for iphone app

It would be great so see which daily lingqs you have already completed in the Ipod app so when you go back you’re not repeating them. Myself, I’m pretty random in doing them, sometimes several a day and then a few days without doing any so I have a hard time keeping track of which ones I’ve completed before.

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Order of the lingqs of the day could be in reverse order too.

@Keno - Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll see if we can incorporate something like this at some point so you can see which lists you have previously looked at.

@keke-eo - We’ll look at this too!

The app is excellent, especially now that it fits the iPad. I have been reading an Ian M. Banks novel in German on the app recently. I prepare a few chapters at a time on the website and then read them later. One problem I have is that when I am reading on the app, I often come across user hints that I do not think are correct but have previously saved anyway. It would be great if there was a way to flag them so that I can check them out later when I get to the website. Maybe the ability to tag LingQs on the app would do it.

@ColinJohnstone - We are making significant improvements to the app. We hope to have tagging enabled at that time which should solve your problem. You will have to be patient…!