Suggestion for improvement

I would really like it if you could view the contents of the Notes field when the answer is displayed in Review mode.

I use the Notes field for various things:

  • I might put the full expression in standard format, of which the lingq I’ve created is an example
  • I might put more context, like the full surrounding paragraph, if I couldn’t remember how my lingq’ed text was being used just from the little bit of surrounding text automatically stored
  • I might put equivalent words that I already know or have also lingq’ed

An alternative would be to show that there’s content in the note field so I would at least know immediately to look at it, for example with an * or (note) or whatever.

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I agree. I think in the previous version notes where displayed but not in this one. I like to see the notes as well because I add clues too.

I agree that there should be an option to decide if they could be displayed or not and/or a button to click to open them.

Same thing, I’ve already asked for that, a (…) or another field (a third line) telling if there are more translations available to choose (besides those 2 displayed) without having to choose one, then click the yellow LingQ, click the previous chosen translation and open everything to see if there are more than 2 and choose the one we want to and delete the previous chosen.