Suggestion: Download button for audio playlists

Can we get a dedicated download button in the “play course audio” interface? One button for each lesson and then one at the top of the playlist to download the entire playlist. The current way of downloading lessons is very clunky and a bit of a pain. A lot of times when you press on a lesson that has not been downloaded lesson it just starts playing a previous lesson that is downloaded instead.

If you tap on the “Play Course Audio”, and after the playlist with all the lessons from a course are listed, they should all start loading automatically by order. Is it not what happens in your case?
Are you on wi-fi or mobile data connection?

If I open a new playlist it will try to download the first 5 lessons but after that I have to try to manually download them. I just discovered it works fine on my home wifi connection but I have fast wifi at my house. But when I’m connected to any other wifi or to LTE (I have DL on 3G enabled) I have to go into each lesson individually and click play to try to get the DL to initiate. I know I could just DL everything when I’m at home but I’m on the go a lot. At the very least a “download entire playlist” button would be handy for those big playlists.

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