Suggestion: Donation Button

I have a suggestion and I’m interested in your opinions.

I think it would be great to have something like a “Donation” button. The functionality should include the option to spend points to other members.

Why should I do this?

  • to say thank-you to helpful members
  • to say thank-you for content you like
  • to help people you like
  • to make a birthday gift
  • to make a Christmas gift

The button can be included for example

  • in the lesson (to spend points to a content provider)
  • on the forum (to spend points for an answer that helped you)
  • on the profile (to spend points for other reasons)

What do you think?

Sounds good!

Would those points be exempt from the “LingQ-proportion”, ie the amount which normally would go to whenever points are spent?

I like this idea and we have talked about it before. The problem with this idea is that some people will be able to abuse it in order to avoid points expiration. Points do not have an expiration date attached to them rather it is a calculation done on an account. If points can be transferred to a second account and then transferred back, the expiration would be bypassed.

Sanne, I would love to spend some of the points that I’ve earned or bought.

Mark, you’re right. We have to think about a way that this feature wouldn’t be abused.

Sorry, that was me from my daughter’s account.

Wow, I never think about how criminal energy could infiltrate everything…

The idea of a “Thank You” button is nice in its own right, though, even without financial/point advantages attached to it. A kind of “Brownie points” or gold star treatment…

Vera and Mark, you would certainly be swamped with little gold stars!

Over at wikiHow, people have talk pages. When you want to thank someone, you can post an award or a thank you note to their talkpage. Some of the awards are very pretty. The ability to talk by talkpage and to exchange awards etc leads to a greater sense of community. Just as an example, you can see a page with quite a few picture notes and awards etc here.

This is a neat idea and we will try to come up with some good way for members to recognize others contributions!

I like Vera’s idea and I hope it can be implemented in some way.