Suggestion: Allow support staff access to user's accounts to better help them

I recently contacted support about an issue I was having and was asked if I would agree to give them my username and password so that they could see the problem I was having.

Personally I don’t think it’s good to ask customers to give away their login credentials to someone over email, so it would be much better if the system allowed support staff to access people’s profile when they request support.

Hi Michael,
In some cases we need to access your profile directly to try to reproduce reported issue. In cases like this when we ask for your permission to access account, best thing to do is to set temporary password on the Account Settings page before you send it to us. After the issue is fixed, we let you know and you can change your password again.

I understand Zoran :slight_smile: I was just offering a suggestion to the developers of the site that it might be a good idea that they allow a way for support staff who are logged in with the correct account to access the accounts of those they are supporting. :slight_smile: I have seen it done on a few other websites and I think it’s a good system to use.

We can actually access any account and add temporary password on our end, but we think that it’s fair and more appropriate if we let users know, ask for their permission and allow them to set temporary password.

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Does anybody store sensitive information in their account? Is that even possible? Even so, the staff should then treat that information with the appropriate respect.

I think it is fair and appropriate to make customer assistance as painless as possible. In most systems I have worked with, admimistrators have access to other accounts without the need of temporary passwords.