Suggestion: All shared lessons should be in a collection

I think you should consider to make a change on the import page. Shared lessons should be in a collection. That would make the library, especially the new lesson shelve, more organized.
At the moment someone shared a lot of TED lessons. It would make a lot of sense to have them in a collection.

I’m with you.

Thank you for your helpp leane my English Langage. because I need impru my English speak.
please help me.
Thank you best regarding
Moosa Gasim

@VeraI - We aren’t going to force people to make collections but you can certainly ask the provider to group his lessons in a collection. It’s easy enough to do after you have created a few lessons to create a collection and attach the lessons to it.

It’s not my job to do this, and I’ve better things to do. It was a suggestion to improve LingQ. I believe that the library would be better organized this way, but if you have another opinion, I don’t care.
I know it is easy to do this, and I think it wouldn’t hurt to let the provider know this automatically.


I have the same opinion as Vera!
I have often written on the profile from the providers.
but often without a reply or reaction. I think it is not at me to tell them twice.
But i think if we will improve and make easier to use the lingq libary we need collections and not single lessons from the same topic!

It is a suggestion to improve LingQ.!!!


The problem is we don’t necessarily know what are the collectios already existing. And create a collection any time we share a lesson would mess the library even more… And not all the lessons someone share are about the same subject, so it is also not possible to put together all our shared lessons.