[suggestion] Adding a built-in dictionary

Using Lingq’s popular meanings as the main dictionary’s been frustrating so far. It always pop-ups late and even lagging if there’s more than 5-6 pages using a small font.
I wonder if there might be chances to download popular dictionaries as the preferred built-in dictionary.
It gives a wonderful and smooth experience, yet, easy to develop.

Some benefits:

  • using it offline
  • smoothness ans not having lag
  • better layout
  • saving a great deal of time
  • not struggling switching and waiting for other online dictionaries to pop up

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about…

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I didn’t know the Cambridge had the pictures as well. That’s great!

I’d like to have a better dictionary option as well, having written tens of thousands of definitions, but unfortunately if you allow downloading it, you need to have copyright permissions as well. The online version is free, but any download/offline would be subjected to copyright laws.

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Is it impossible to get it?

That’s a good question, but that would be an answer that could come only from the ownership of the platform. However, I would believe that there are so many variables to this problem that it wouldn’t be an easy answer.

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I’d think the dictionary issue is a bit dated with the state of LingQ’s user-contributed content and ability to analyze the word and the user-provided definitions with generative AI.

They could start chugging through to create clearer dictionary entries for 99% of the vocab using the data they already have cleanly.