Suggestion: add ratios to statistics graphs

It would be extremely helpful to see changes in certain ratios or percentages by day through time. The ratio of new known words to new LingQ’s is one I’m constantly calculating for myself (because LingQ’s per day is the best way to set goals but known words is how I measure progress). Other useful percentages might be % of words read that are unknown, % of words read that are new LingQ’s, etc.

Not only would these be useful for more realistic goal setting, I think it would be really encouraging to see these ratios change as I progress.

I periodically calculate these for myself but I’m hoping it would be easy to add these as new metrics in the existing graphs, since both the functionality and data already exist.

I think in general the more ratios and stats the better, they’re fun as a booster through dryer stretches of motivation

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it would also be nice to have aggregate statistics across all languages instead of just individual. I add these up myself manually, but I think LingQ should add them as well.