Suggestion about finding words on library

It would be great if i could search for a word and lingq whould show me the lessons ,in my library, the word is used in.
When i want to review a word lingq shows me the sentenses in all lessons that the word is used in. This way i have many examples i before saw or will see.


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll see what we can do.

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yes, that would be a nice feature to have! Great proposal to make LingQ even better.

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I too would love this. I would like to search the library of all LingQ content in a language (optionally filtering, for example on my content) for a word or phrase. It would be a fast way to obtain many examples using that word or phrase. Then I might build myself a lesson around those examples. I am new here – if this is already possible, please let me know!

Another nice feature would be to take the results and offer checkboxes next to them, allowing the user to create a lesson with those sentences or append to a lesson – this efficiency would be a fantastic advancement.

For example, with Spanish, instead of reading grammar texts about the uses of “por” and “para”, or waiting for the hundreds of hours of comprehensible input to sink in, you could use the LingQ data to create your own lesson – tailored to you and your thinking – to help solidify the tricky concepts. If the lesson creation were efficient, you could do it in a few clicks while eating breakfast and then listen to the lesson while you drive to work. If I were a teacher, I would tell the class that “por” and “para” both often translate to “for” in English, but they have distinct uses in Spanish. The students’ homework would be to make a lesson from the LingQ data and come back tomorrow for a group-discussion using the words properly. I have employed this strategy using large texts available in Project Gutenberg.

If it were possible to search for grammatical construction, a user could search for “reflexive verbs”, for example, and create a mini-lesson from example sentences.

If it were possible to search for grammatical construction + other features (e.g., topic), then the user could create lessons that they might find interesting, for example, “grammar:reflexive verb + topic:true crime”.