Suggestion: A notification if someone corrects my texts

I would love to have a Notification if someone corrects my texts.

I save my texts in an extra text file on my computer. If I overwork a lesson I usually use my version. If I’m not aware of changes or corrections they’ll get lost.

I want to be able to keep track of the changes. What if someone deletes and changes texts in a bad purpose? That never happened before but I know that you offer the editor access even to complete new members.

Another point is that I want to see what I did wrong. Probably I’ve to change it in other lessons as well.

As you say, this issue of people changing texts maliciously has not yet arisen in the ~4 years that LingQ has been around, so we are less inclined to spend time on this at the moment. Perhaps it’s something we can look at again in the future, should it be necessary.

I am in agreement with you!

I think there should always be a notification when someone makes a change to a lesson!!!
As of today I’ve only changed one line (I added a new line) in a lesson and I mentioned it in the forum
I personally change nothing in a text without permission from the provider. I have permission from IDEL but I will inform them immediately.

It might be a good idea to build a notification system as Vera has suggested. I think editor rights are given out a bit too generously.

If this becomes an issue, perhaps an approval system would be more fitting. However, until this point we haven’t seen this to be an issue.

Have you a concrete bad experience or it is only a guess!

@ Jolanda

I’ve had no experience of malevolent people editing texts on purpose. But, you know, they say “To prevent is better than to cure”

This is true if resources are unlimited, but such is not the case for us. Spending time on this will delay us from addressing more pressing issues.

There are different levels of priority for different items: urgent, important, somewhat important, not important. In this sense, this issue is not one of high priority at the moment.

Sorry, wrong account.

I’m worried about this. Later or earlier you’ll experience this

People usually ask about corrections on the forum and usually at the forum we suggest that the best course is to contact the provider. We have a long list of things that we have been asked to do. This request has been added to the list, but there are higher priority items. I think we need to make sure to take into full consideration the concerns of the provider before making corrections on texts. And we should also talk about them on the Forum before making corrections. I think we will avoid problems in this way, and I think that this has been the case so far.