Suggested improvements re “Manage LingQs”

Hi there!

Suggestion #1. Something that I really miss in the app (iOS) version of Lingq is the “Manage Lingqs” option that you get in the website version when you select the little vocabulary icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen from an open story.

“Manage Lingqs” shows all vocabulary, in alphabetical order and provides a complete view of most information and all sorts of very handy functionality not available in “Lesson Vocabulary”. I use “Manage Lingqs” all the time and it would be great if it was also available in the app version!

Suggestion #2: I wish I could go from looking at the vocabulary associated with a lesson using “Manage Lingqs” back to the lesson! I want to go back and forth, back and forth again and again, and each time I want to go back to the lesson, I have to start the whole process of selecting that particular lesson again…it takes quite a number of clicks and scrolls till I’m finally back in….I manage this particular inconvenience by opening two copies of the website, one with the lesson text and one with “Manage Lingqs” for the same lesson…