Successful Language Learners: How did you learn languages before LingQ?

Nowadays it has become an undisputed fact that learning without using computer/internet is less effective and more time-consuming. There are thousands of megabytes of systematized stuff in web! LingQ does all the routine for you. Aybee, your husband shouldn’t waste time trying “other ways”

Ew. Great, thanks Chris and Steve. Now I have a mental image that I will never be able to remove from my head.

@junair I am not a nag, and have already said my piece. If he asks my opinion, I will give it to him, otherwise, he can do what he wants.

What would be his target language ?

What would be his target language ?


For those of you who are fluent in a foreign language, how did you learn it?

—I am far from being fluent, but taking four years of Spanish in High School brought me to about an intermediate level.

Did you learn any of your languages outside of LingQ, or only with this website?

—I learned Spanish all in the Classroom for the most part, along with other sources on the internet.

Was it pretty painless, or very difficult to learn the language?

—It was a little difficult, but I think anyone can say that starting a language, regardless of the method, can be difficult. My last two years, however, I had really great teachers. If it wasn’t for them, I am not sure if Spanish would’ve been of interest to me.

How long did it take you to reach fluency?

—I am not sure how long it will take me. In my third and fourth years, we read a lot of books. We also took a practice CLEP test, which was quite hard, because it was mostly listening. I plan on using LingQ and books to further myself in it.

Thanks for answering the question, Kittymutt / Katie. It’s funny, I took Spanish all 4 years in high school, made all A’s. I even took AP Spanish (but bombed the test – I got a 1). I felt nowhere near fluent. I felt like I couldn’t communicate at all, and could only read very simple things. I really didn’t study outside of the classroom, or watch tv or listen to the news or anything in Spanish, so I should not have been surprised at my lack of fluency.

Good luck in your language studies!

To bad for him, French is one of the richer libraries here on lingq…

Start French the same time he does, once he see’s that your level is improving above his, he’ll make the switch.

@aybee77 you have 2 emails from me.