Subscription mistake, could I get a refund?

Hello there, while looking through the subscription options I misunderstood the way payment actually works. I thought I’d get charged monthly in increments of 8.99 per month, not get charged the full amount immediately. May I please receive a refund so I can purchase the plan that’s right for me?

Sorry to hear you’ve got confused!
Please note that 6, 12, and 24-month memberships are all charged the full amount at once. That is the reason why they are cheaper on average per month compared to a monthly membership. In case you want to be charged each month separately, you should take the monthly subscription instead.

I refunded your payment.

Not to be pushy, but exactly how long will it take to actually get the refund?

Refund can take up to 5 working days to process.

Ok thanks, one last question: If I were to use premium until the refund was processed would that effect the refund process? I’m asking because I am trying to continue my language studies with the application.

No, that won’t affect it, no worries.