Subscription Cancellation


I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for the past two hours, but there is no cancellation option available anywhere on the LinqQ site (not even in the Change Plan section). The only alternative is to contact support services, which I have already done (waiting for response).

It’s been a very frustrating experience not to be able to cancel my subscription through the site and I’m disappointed in the way LinqQ handles cancellations. I don’t think this is the right way to keep customers.

Hi Avram,
I have just cancelled your subscription manually and your account will drop to the FREE level after your current paid month expired.
The option to cancel is actually under the “Change Plan” on the Account Settings page, there is a downgrade button under your active Premium plan.

I do not see this option as well. I can send you screen shot if you want. Please cancel my membership today.

@pdongre You are subscribed to LingQ Premium membership via the iOS app and iTunes. To cancel your subscription, please log in to your iTunes account and cancel it there, since all these payments are handled by Apple.
Here’s how you can do that: If you want to cancel a subscription from Apple - Apple Support
Hope this helps!