Subscribe in iTunes, Promote Your Lessons

We have recently included an upgrade that lets you to subscribe to collections by RSS feed. Subscribing in your favourite feed reader should make it much more convenient to download the audio files for whole collections, without having to download each lesson individually on the Lessons page.

In addition, content providers have the option to easily submit their collections to iTunes as a podcast. Follow the simple steps on the Collection page in Import. This has a few advantages. Number one, once collections are available on iTunes, members will be able to subscribe to them with one click which will mean that all lessons from the collection will sync with their iPod next time they connect to iTunes. Number two, this will help content providers promote your content to everyone on iTunes, hopefully attracting some of these people to study your lessons on LingQ. Obviously, they will only get the audio from iTunes and will come to LingQ for the text and learning tools. It’s a good way to promote your lessons and to promote yourself, if you are a tutor.

Let us know how you use the RSS feeds.

I just posted my comment on LingQCentral brog and let me re-post the same comment of mine here.
(I cannot contain my joy to only one place. :P)

I really appreciate this function!
Now I’m listening to Steve’s book, The Linguist: A personal guide to language learning. I am greatly enjoying listening to the audiobook. However, the seeped of reading text and saving phrases is much slower than listening to the audio.
My “lesson” workdesk is full of the untouched lessons and felt inconvenient when using iPod touch app with long loading time.
(I could archived them first but I was too lazy to do that.)
Now I don’t have to bother opening lessons and downloading individual mp3 files. How convenient!!!

By the way, I did not see “subscribe iTunes” icon on my window for Steve’s audiobook collection. I only saw “Subscribe RSS” icon.
I just went ahead and made a playlist on iTunes and drag-and-dropped the “Subscribe RSS” icon there. That worked perfectly. However it would be nice if there is subscribe iTunes icon.

Now I’m so happy and excited that I can enjoy lingQ’s audio files with ease. Thanks, Mark! :smiley:

I thought I added the audios to my playlist but it was wrong. Just drag and dropped the RSS icon made a new podcast subscription on iTunes.

Hi AngieAkiko,

I’m glad you like it. The iTunes link will only show up if the collection has been uploaded to iTunes as a podcast. We will upload the collection you have requested but it will take time to get all collections uploaded. In the meantime, you can click Advanced in the iTunes menu and then Subscribe to podcast then paste the RSS url in the box that pops up.
Then you should see the podcasts you are subscribed to.


I have added that collection in iTunes now so you should be able to click on the iTunes link now to find it in iTunes and subscribe.

I subscribed to Itunes, but can only get beginners lessons 43 to 90, I also think some of the lessons are intermediate. Why can’t I get beginners lessons 1 to 42 on i Tunes?

Which language are you referring to alexandra?

Which collection in iTunes are you referring to?


I remembered I posted a suggestion about RSS feed last year. I was surprised when I know that you made it happened so quickly. Thanks a lot!

Being able to subscribe a collection is great, but it’s not exactly what I thought. I’d like to be able to subscribe my personal lessons, too.

It doesn’t have to submit to iTunes podcast to subscribe in iTunes. Any RSS feed containing sound file url will do.

Make it a paid-member only function, or otherwise… Love to have this function soon. Thank you so much. LingQ rocks!

That would be a nice feature Edward and we will add it to our wishlist. We’ll see when we can get to it.