Submit writing

If I click the button “Submit writing,” the system responds with “500 - Server error.”

The same happens to me. There seem to be an error.

It still does not work.

If I cannot use the function, I am close to despair.

Despair not! I’m sure Mark is on the case…

Such of the users as think he is on the case are very optimistic person. (Is this correct?)

person → people

Correct, yes, but quaint: I see Miss Austen waiting in the wings.

I desperately want to see her, if she is waiting in the wings. How long has she been dead?

Nearly 200 years, so she might not be a pretty sight. On the other hand, to be inspired by her…

I am on the case. It is a strange error but we are working on it. Give us a few hours.

@Yutaka: have you read Pride and Prejudice With Zombies? I have the audiobook.

I think it would have been a better book if Ms Austen had written it.

You should be able to submit writing again. Sorry about that.

Thank you. It works.