Subject: CHALLENGES (and "competitors" who don't really play the game as expected)

In addition I also add 漢字 to Korean-English definitions. You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think that’s strange at all.
I did the one challenge and my goal was to stay in the top 10. I was essentially “competing” with the two folks at positions #8 and #9 and otherwise was lazy. When I saw I was getting behind I read a ton to catch up and get just ahead of them then I slacked off again. Ultimately it became a war I lost and I gave up because the others were more determined than me and I ended up lower down at the end but it was fun for a few weeks.

Yeah this. I was competing with the users just above me. It was kind of fun and kept me in the game. I had the thought “I wont be #1” but at least I can compete with these guys.

I think it is just the way people are, I went on Swedish courses in Sweden at C1 level some years ago and a guy who was a surgeon booked himself on the same course but could hardly speak Swedish and instead of saying häst kept saying horse. But for him it was really hard to admit he should be on a lower level course because he was a highly qualified guy and he didn´t want to waste his time with dum dums. He paid 3000kr for the course and the school didn´t block him. I guess it is the same with Lingq, if you´re a paying customer how much can you really interfere with people´s delusions. We are not having a spelling bee.

I don´t know about that, I am doing Swedish and I know Swedish quite well. Yesterday I got 2000 words after going through Petter´s back catologue and other stuff, but again, mostly these are words I am familiar with, but I still make lingqs for collocations and turns of phrase! Yet when I looked some guy who started Swedish a few months ago had still got 4000 plus words in the last 7 days but had hardly made a single lingq. For me that is odd, so I checked the other languages and they didn´t make many lingqs in that too. So it raises the question what are they actually doing? It could be they don´t actually understand how Lingq is supposed to work, or maybe they are registering things they have already been through before. But I kind of think there is probably some level of missing the point going on because even in English, which I teach, I could make loads of lingqs myself in order to think “Ah that is a good chunk to teach…”. Everyone is doing it for different reasons, but for me if I was in a competition, it would kind of like having people doing an obstacle course and someone walking around the obstacles and then still getting the winning prize :smiley:

I don´t think it is cheating, unless you signed up for a challenge, and then you´re like an adult entering a kids race. However, one thing I would do is check if you´re making any lingqs at all. If you´re not there is probably some level of missing the point because you´re not getting chunks, pattern grammar, synonyms, collocations, phrasal verbs etc. And even though I´m pretty good at some languages I can´t just load up a book honestly and swipe through those pages turning everything from blue to white. Even in English if I took a book on a specialised subject I would need to make notes so I can´t imagine how I could do the same in Swedish or German books I´ve been through before without using a lot of self deception. If someone gets 5000 words in a day but makes a lot of lingqs, that is fair enough and indicates they are actively learning. If they do things like load a dictionary into the lesson then swipe right all the time (which I think some people are literally doing) they are missing so much in the language it isn´t even funny.

It depends on what you are using lingQ for. Initially I was mostly using it for listening to the mini stories but not reading at all. I was still clicking on the words to hear them. I was using anki at the same time as my main tool plus watching videos. From time to time I would add in a word list of vocabulary from anki that I had memorized and mark them all as learned. I would have shown big jumps without lingQs every time I did that.

That said, I wouldn’t see much point in doing that during a challenge just to stay ahead of others, since the challenge is supposed to be words read.

Anyway, this whole discussion boils down to “you’re not following the rules”.
What even are the rules? Do you get a fine if you using lingQ in an unintended way? I tend to laugh at suggestions like that.

The most onboard I can get with the “cheating” thing given that everyone is an adult here is that the folks artificially inflating their numbers just to win are cheating themselves.

The one scenario for swiping right and it being legit is what I described: you’re learning the words outside lingQ and have imported into LingQ to make sure both learning platforms are synchronized.

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