Subject box and other suggestions

I would like to make a few suggestions about features which I think might be also helpful to other LingQ members including myself. I don’t know if these were already mentioned here on the forums or maybe if they are already on the way.
It would be nice to have the subject box back again when you sign up for a one on one conversation. Right now, I do not always try hard to think about an interesting topic like I had to previously. Sometimes, I can not avoid being lazy.
One other very helpful feature, at least for me, would be to have the ability to print out a list of my top 25 priority LingQ’s as it is right now with my tags. So, maybe I would have a print button in the flash card section or a tag.
I feel that “the examples list” in the right corner of the LingQ-Widget isn’t necessarily showing it’s full potential because, again, you can not print it out and the context in which they occur is often cut out, unfortunately. So, to see the full context I have to open the actual item where the example is from. A list generated by the system with full sentences and also printable would be a much more powerful tool in my mind.

For people who like to use external vocabulary learning software: You can actually import vocabulary lists from LingQ quite easily if the software you are using supports the TABTAB format with text files. You just have to select the vocabulary you want to print out, click on the print button, copy and paste the following list to a text file you have created and import this text file in your software.

Thanks for the feedback, Radek. We will keep these suggestions in mind when we next make improvements in those areas. This probably will not be anytime soon.


I used to want the full sentence but I have gotten used to the fragments, and I can review more of them because they are short. In The Linguist, where we had sentences, some where very long.

I am often reminded of where I saw or heard these phrase fragments. If I am being a good boy I edit some of these phrases to make them really effective, getting rid of the bits from the previous or following sentence. Then when I print the list I see some really good phrases, where the context is often familiar to me.

With regard to the Priority LingQ, for the time being you should find that the “by importance” sort in Vocabulary is essentially the same as the Priority LingQ words, just not in the same order. Those are printable.

I find that I use my Tags to create a list, and then I can print that list. I can then keep lists of different categories of words.

Our problem is that there are a number of new community features that we need to bring forward, so that we cannot afford the resources to further refine our existing functions, at least for the time being. But please keep the suggestions coming. We will eventually get to them.

I agree, in TheLinguist the sentence were too long. No I am able to create my sentence together with the fragment, it is the best solution for me.
The second point is, when I create the sentence I work longer with the word and sometimes it is faster in my brain (unfortunately only sometimes).