"Studying" your own language

I’ve been studying Swedish and French for almost two years now.

My native language is Spanish, so my progress in French is pretty smooth, and I know I’ve learnt a lot.

Swedish, on the other hand, is proving to be quite difficult. It started very well, and I could tell a lot of similarities with English, but after a while I hit a plateau and now my progress is very slow. My comprehension and acquisition of vocabulary are not bad, but it is very hard for me to express simple thoughts.

A couple of days ago I decided to “study” English on LingQ with my translations in Swedish. In that way, I mark in yellow many words or group of words I commonly use when I talk (e.g. “with one of these”, “since last time I…”, “what I want to do…”) and then, when I reread the text, I can try to recall how that is said in Swedish.

Has anyone tried this way? Is it effective? Do you have any advice?


Of course, it’s useful and effective! Studying the whole expressions and popular phrases is much better that studying just the isolate words as my experience as a learner and a language teacher proves.
Good luck and Merry Christmas!


I learn english. First I try to see every sentence in romanian (Translate Sentence), without to see the original text in english. So I translate in mind this sentence and write it on paper, then I listen it in english, and then I check with the original text. For me this method is very useful. Maybe if the text in Translate Sentence will be highlighted, it will be easily to see the translate text without to se the original text.